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Notebook charging station - lockable

The demands on service mechanics in the field are increasing rapidly. We develop new flexible products and individual solutions together with our customers in order to support them in their daily work in the best possible way.

An essential part of everyday life for service mechanics is a notebook.

One of the current central challenges: further development of tool protection and ensuring the operability of  technical devices.

wrist strap

Length adjustable, incl. cable with

4mm plug with crocodile clip.

The color of the bracelets may differ slightly from the photo.

wrist strap 2
  • hochwertiges elastisches Metallgliederarmband 

  • Farbe: schwarz

  • incl. Spiralkabel mit 4mm Stecker und Krokodilklemme

  • Art. Nr. 7331

Handgelenkband B.jpg
wrist strap

One 10mm push button, two 4mm sockets

ESD-Europe-Earthing-Plug-Point back_edited.jpg
wrist strap 2
  • ESD-Erdungsstecker EU04, 1 MOhm

  • 2 x Druckknopf 10mm , 1 x M5 Gewinde

  • Art. Nr. 7326

ESD-Europe-Earthing-Plug-Point back_edited.jpg
ESD-Europe-Earthing-Plug-Point 2.jpg
heel strap 
  • Länge 1,8m 

  • kompatibel mit Druckknopf 10mm

  • male Klemme

  • Art. Nr. 7324

ESD Set 1 Kopie gedreht_edited.jpg
heel strap 
  • Double Protection System

  • zusätzliches Knöchelband für doppelte Sicherheit

  • verstellbarer Clip-Verschluss

  • Art. Nr. 7332

Test 2_InPixio_edited.jpg
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