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Vehicle Installation

Notebook charging station - lockable

The demands on service mechanics in the field are increasing rapidly. We develop new flexible products and individual solutions together with our customers in order to support them in their daily work in the best possible way.

An essential part of everyday life for service mechanics is a notebook.

One of the current central challenges: further development of tool protection and ensuring the operability of  technical devices.

Notebook charging station

Vehicle Installation: Notebook charging station - lockable

Material:                                     Multiplex 15mm, HPL coated

Dimensions:                               individually adaptable

AC voltage converter:             pure sine / 12 V

Installation:                               between driver and front passenger seat


  • Vehicle installation: Lockable notebook charging station - PROFESSIONAL QUALITY!

  • We produce the basic dimensions of the charging station according to customer requirements

  • The interior is variable and can be designed according to customer requirements.

  • The locking function allows to leave valuables in the vehicle

  • The interior can be equipped with our ESD vinyl foam (antistatic) to protect devices and minimize background noise while driving

  • The AC voltage converter is equipped with an USB connection and an integrated fan  

  • Multiple ventilation slots prevent the AC converter from overheating

  • The integrated undervoltage monitor prevents the voltage from falling below a defined level

 i​  Use:  commercial vehicles

Custom-made -  no minimum order quantity!

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