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Drawer Platform

Drawer Platform made of steel - powder-coated

Material:                                              Steel powder-coated

Dimensions:                                        customizable

Drawers:                                               cantivevered by ball pull-outs

Load capacity:                                    200kg per pull-out

  • Drawer platform for balancing the height difference of employees - PROFESSIONAL QUALITY! 

  • We produce the basic dimensions of the platform according to customer requirements       

  • Number and distance of drawers are variable

  • We equip the drawers with our workplace mats to fit perfectly. Yellow safety strips on entry and exit side for safety.

  • We equip the safety railing with our nocturnal safety adhesive tape

  • The cover plate is an ideal storage option for tools and can be engravd according to customer requirements (e.B. name/number of the workplace)

  • suitable for stress in 1- to 3-shift operation

i​  Use:  dry assembly-, packaging- and control workstations

Custom-made, no minimum order quantity !!

Drawer Platform

The demands on industrial workplaces are increasing rapidly. We work with our customers to develop new flexible products and individual solutions to ensure the safety and health of their employees. 

One of the current central challenges is to compensate the difference in height of the employees in multi-shift operation at a standing workstation with inflexible table heights or conveyor belts.

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